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Our fence can protect yards, villas, stables ,farms ,boarder, wherhouse, playground, restaurant , parking etc.We can offer customized solutions to incorporate requirement like electric ,data ,camera systems for specific zone like ports,restricted zone on to the fence.Materilas we used for fencing stainless steel, galvanized steel with powder coating and electroplating depends customer specification


  • Anti-climb: More small openings, no toe or finger holds.
  • Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.
  • High-strength: The superior welding technique and process control create a stronger fusion between the wires.

Finish treatment:

There are two treatment types: hot dipped galvanized and plastic coated.

The colors of plastic coated are mainly green and black. Each color is available according to your require.

Post type:

The post type is main square post. The feet are combined with cement support with the rivet.


  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  • Prison security fencing
  • Factory machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Airport security fencing
  • Shipping Port Security fencing
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Gas pipelines security fence
  • High security living area and private field fence.

Welded Mesh Fencing


Welded mesh fencing panels offer an extremely high resistance security for various applications. Welded mesh fencing is characterized by it’s attractively profiled mesh panel. This not only lends the modern and representative appearance, but it is also highly functional. The mesh width of the Triton panel makes these fences virtually impossible to climb over. The panel stability is improved by the distance between the posts. In addition to using stainless steel fixation sets, the welded mesh fence panels can also be suspended from the posts.

Welded mesh panel fencing offers great strength and endurance to bending over the whole surface and we add to 2 to 4 folds in a “V”.In turn, the 30mm that blunt at the top or bottom are uncut wires. we use as defensive more security.


  • residential areas, housing,farms, gardens, industrial.
  • Welded fence panels can be used for private estates, industrial areas, sports facilities.

Temporary Fencing

The temporary fence panel uses hand welding for optimum strength with an average of over 70 micron hot dipped galvanised finish. We use the highest quality material specification which is popular frame post with 32mm diameter horizontal and vertical pipes with a min 2mm wall thickness.

Temporary mesh fencing Specifications:Anti -climb mesh infill;

  • Wire dia: 3mm to 5mm;
  • Mesh size: 150 x 50mm,150 x 60mm and 200 x 50mm;
  • Frame post: 25mm,32mm,38mm,40mm,42mm and 48mm;
  • Panel size: 1800mm(H) x 2400mm(W),2100mm(H) x 2400mm(W),2100mm(H) x 2900mm(W) and 2100mm(H) x 3300mm(W),etc;
  • 360° welded between the vertical & horizontal pipe;
  • Horizontal pipe ends crimped for increased strength;
  • Fixed fittings: iron clamps and temporary fence blocks in plastic or metal base.


  • To secure construction sites and private property;
  • Easy install and remove;
  • residential areas, housing,farms, gardens and industrial.
  • Mobile fence
  • Temporary fence
  • Garden fence
  • Wherehouse fence
  • Playground fence
  • Restaurant fence

Heavy duty steel speed hump

Heavy duty steel speed hump
Slow-motion Heavy Duty is the modular steel speed control system for seriously heavy vehicle applications (including ‘B’-Doubles). Perfectly suited to transport depots, factories and terminals etc.
Our super strong chassis construction with 6mm floor plate and 6 bolt fixing make our Slo-motion Heavy Duty virtually indestructible.The Heavy Duty speed hump does not require a rubber underlay to prevent rattle.

Product Features:

  • Designed to comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004.
  • More than four times the load bearing contact area with the road surface than competitor’s products.
  • Use with or without steel end caps.
  • Comes complete with all fixings.
  • Truly independent modules for easy removal.
  • Does not need a rubber underlay to prevent rattle.
  • Concealed fixings remain accessible.
  • Modules have a built in bridge design to accommodate hoses or cables.

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EURO RUBBERTECH INTERNATIONAL L.L.C is an established in manufacturing and trading of molded and extruded rubber products,plastic products and polyurethane products.The company is based in Dubai,UAE and has been established since 2009 moving premises to accommodate growth and has acquired an excellent customer base, with continous investments in machinery and training ,we proceed to become more efficient in order to meet our customer requirements.

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Steel Products

under euro group of company, it is an established fabrication company that manufactures a broad range of products and offers a complete services from design through to completion The company based in Umm Al Quwain, UAE and has been established since 2009, Moving premises to accommodate growth, and has acquired an excellent customer base .With continuous Investment in machinery and training, we proceed to become more efficient in order to meet our customers’ requirements.