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Esa offers wide range of bollards that goes beyond just the function of protection ,it enhances the appeal of the architecture and the streetscape .our bollards models are available in different materilas ,design ,protection level meant for protecting diverse types of premises.we can offer customized solutions matching the properties architecture and landscape.
Esa offers bollards in stainless steel, mild steel ,galvanized steel , wrought iron , pvc, polycarbonate ,PU, and rubber ,our bollards comes in custom sizes, design , and are of high built quality and are easy to maintain .our bollards are offered in various finishes like Mirror ,satin, Rustin ,powder coated finish.

Flexible Bollards

also known as impact recovery bollards, instantly pop back into shape and position following an impact from a car – perfect for delineation of traffic lanes, preventing unauthorised parking or highlighting a hazard. Remember damage is greatly reduced to both the car and the bollard due to the flexible material. Best-seller: Flexbrite Flexi Bollard 1000mm
Fold-Down Parking Posts: come fitted with a hinge at the base, allowing the bollard to fold flat to the ground, allowing temporary access, until the bollard is locked once again in the upright position. These fold-down posts are perfect for protecting a car park space, restricting access (e.g. only the delivery driver has the key) or even for theft prevention. However remember when the bollard is in the down position, it is lying flat on the ground – will this present a trip hazard if left down for prolonged amounts of time in a pedestrianised area? Best-seller: Autobahn Folding Parking Post
Removable Bollards: can reduce the trip hazard highlighted above as when access is needed for the area, the bollard is removed and not left in the “down” / flat position, but rather put to one side. Again these removable bollards are widely used for access control on both temporary and permanent basis.

Retractable Bollards:

these bollards typically sink into ground remaining flush with the surface when access is required – they offer the ultimate convenience: no trip hazard as with the fold-down and no “where do I store when not in use” challenge of the removable bollard. The one potential downside is that there will almost certainly be a lot more excavation associated with installation of a retractable bollard…. Maybe not a big problem if you are installing a new yard. Best-seller: BudgetBollard Anti Ram Retractable Security Post – these security bollards provide excellent theft deterrence and anti-ram benefits for your premises.

Fixed Bollards

really just do what they say on the tin. These are bollards that will be left permanently in place by either fixing with bolts, or concreting in. Fixed bollards are the solution to separating cars from pedestrian areas or providing an anti-ram deterrent on a forecourt or retail development.

Commercial Bike Racks
Outdoor bike parking racks for commercial spaces
Commercial bike racks feature simple 2-point installation. Select from surface mounting or embed options to store up to 2–7 bikes at a time. Standard powder coatings and stainless steel _nishes satisfy a range of building and landscape designs. Install bike racks at outdoor public spaces, commercial retail stores or indoor parking garages. Standard powder coatings and stainless steel _nishes satisfy a range of building and landscape designs. Bike racks are ideal for outdoor public spaces, retail storefronts, parking garages, and other concrete areas.

Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard

Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard
For an excellent alternative see our Stainless Steel Mitre Head Bollard.
The Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollard can be used to stop cars entering into areas or create pedestrian walkways s
Made from high grade 304 Stainless Steel

  • 114mm Diameter
  • 1200mm total height
  • For concreting in – can be installed quickly and easily
  • Includes integral anchor bar
  • Cheaper prices if purchasing bulk quantities
  • IN STOCK means fast delivery

Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard
The Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard provides an excellent means of deterring vehicle entry where needed – especially ideal for deterring entry into own parking spots or private areas.

Cobain Wide Arm Fold Down Bollard
  • 900(H) x 800(W) mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will not rust or corrode
  • Euro-profile cylinder lock – easy unlocking
  • Powder coated – long-lasting colour protection
  • Red reflective bands – highly visible
  • Easy installation – bolts required but not included
  • Wide Arm design – reduces space between posts

Henley Fixed Bollard

Henley Fixed Bollard

The Henley Fixed Bollard provides a high quality, highly attractive bollard that gives the best finishing touch to a public area .Ideal for roadsides, housing estates, business premises and more

  • 1400mm total height; 60mm Ø diameter
  • 950mm above ground
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – rust-free for life
  • Easy installation – concrete into the ground
  • High quality powder-coating – long-lasting colour
  • Custom colours available

Removable Parking Post

The Autobahn Removable Steel Post is tough, durable and reliable parking post. It’s ideal for public parking areas or forecourts as the ground socket can be covered, leaving you a flush surface with no trip hazards.

Removable Parking Post
  • 900(H) x 60mm Ø
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – rust free for life
  • Powder coated – long lasting colour protection
  • Integral euro profile cylinder lock – easy access
  • Easy install – includes ground socket
  •  Optional spring-loaded cover to cover socket

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 900mm above ground
  • Post Diameter: 60mm ø
  • Depth beneath ground: 400mm
  • Weight: 8.15 KG
  • 3 keys included

Defender Barrier Surface Post

The Defender Barrier Surface Post provides excellent protection to nearby assets and is suitable for many environments including warehouses

Defender Barrier Surface Post
  • 900(H) x 89mm Ø
  • Hot dip galvanised – will never rust or corrode
  • Highly visible yellow with reflective black bands
  • Quick and easy to install – bolt down
  • Fixings required – order separately
  • Chain eyes available if required – join chains quickly


  • Height: 900mm
  • Base Plate: 100 x 150mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Post Dimension: 89mm

Budget Bollard Heavy Duty Retractable Driveway Post

Heavy Duty Retractable Parking Post that ensures your vehicle is always protected from theft. Its sturdy design means it is not easily damaged or removed from the ground without the key.

Heavy Duty Retractable Parking Post
  • 550(H) x 70(W) x 70(D) mm
  • Will be 800-900mm below surface
  • Includes discus padlock – lock in place quickly
  • Ideal for home or business use
  • Tough, durable anti theft device
  • Ensure employee parking spaces are not taken
  • Telescopic – retracts very easily when unlocked
  • Minimal trip hazards when not in use
  • Optional keyed alike padlocks for multi-purchase

The Budget Bollard Heavy Duty Retractable post requires that you dig a hole with a depth of 800-900mm to ensure that it retracts fully


  • Height 550mm
  • Submerged depth 740mm.
  • Heavy duty 70mm steel square
  • Includes 2 keys
    Note: The driveway bollard requires a hole with at least an 800-900mm depth in the ground to ensure it can fully retract

Protection Railing System – Bollard

The Black Bull Impact Protection Railing System is designed for the heavy duty protection of pedestrian walkways.

The Black Bull Impact Protection Railing System
  • High quality German made – long lasting
  • Protects pedestrians from vehicular traffic
  • TUV-approved for top rated build quality
  • Part of a modular system
  • Counter-sunk bolts securely fix rails to posts
  • Easy to extend at any stage
  • Damaged sections are easy to replace
  • Easily secured with bolts (not supplied)

.Product Specifications:

  • Size: 1000 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Base Plate: 200 mm x 200 mm x 10 mm (drilled 4 fixing holes)
  • Weight: 16 Kg

45 Stainless Steel Bollard

45 Stainless Steel Bollard
45 Stainless Steel Bollard are designed from brushed stainless steel, giving you a stylish and high quality design. The 45 degree angle of the post head gives you a smarter design, with the choice of 2 diameters allowing you to cater for your surroundings. The polished stainless steel post is an excellent choice for commercial buildings, office blocks and business parks, giving you an excellent image.

  • Height: 900mm (above ground)
  • Width: 101mm/114mm

Stainless Steel Bollard

This larger diameter bollard has all the design features of the range of Stainless Steel Bollards but in a lower and broader profile giving the bollard much more presence. Manufactured from 304 quality seamless stainless steel in a brushed fi nish with a semi-domed polished head providing a long and durable service life. It is available in permanent sub-surface fi x or removable styles.


The larger diameter of the Bollard differentiates it from the smaller Stainless Steel bollard.

45 Stainless Steel Bollard
  • Easy to install
  • Three types of fixing systems
  • Available in 3 diameters
  • Stylish brushed finish and polished caps
  •  Size: 600 mm, 204 mm (d)
  • Sub-surface depth: 400 mm (sub surface fix)

Bollards are ideal for use in retail parks, at shopping centres, and around public and commercial premises. They are also suitable for deploying in business parks, and in all kinds of public spaces. They can also be used to protect shop fronts.

Stainless Steel Bollards are made from brushed stainless steel with high quality polished top caps.

  • Easy to install
  • Three types of fixing systems
  • Available in 3 diameters
  • Stylish brushed finish and polished caps
  • Size: 900 mm (h) x 60 mm/76mm/108 mm (d)

Sub-surface fix and removable fix (removable fix only available in 76 mm and 108 mm (d))
Removable Bollard with Chain Eyes


A very effective post, the Removable Bollard with chain eyes is excellent for demarcating out-of-bounds areas or for creating lanes for traffic.

Removable Bollard with Chain Eyes
  •  950(H) x 60(W) mm
  •  Includes ground socket
  • Each order also includes 1 Triangular Key
  • Comes with chain eyes
  • Connect chains from one bollard to another
  • Installed into the ground using the ground socket
  • Can be lifted out or put back into place easily
  • Can be unlocked and removed using the triangular key
  • Highly visible – White with 3 red reflective bands
  • Hot dip galvanised and powder coated
  • Height above ground: 950mm
  • Depth in ground: 350mm
  • Diameter: 60mm

Includes 1 Triangular Key

Bollard Fixed Security Bollard

The Bollard Fixed Security Bollard provides excellent, long-lasting protection to loading bays – ideal for warehouses, freight depots and more

Bollard Fixed Security Bollard
  • Available in 600mm or 1000mm high
  • Available in 89mm or 114mm diameter
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – protected against rust
  • Highly visible yellow – noticeable at all times
  • Rubber black top – sylish finish
  • Easy installation – bolt into the ground.
  • Fixings required but not included


  • •Base plate: 250 x 250mm
  • Height: 600mm or 1,000mm
  • Diameter: 89mm or 114mm (with 1000mm height only)

Defender Heavy Duty Sub-Surface Bollard

The Defender Heavy Duty Ram Bollard provides excellent protection to assets and infrastructure, ideal for busy warehouses where there is frequent work vehicle traffic

Defender Heavy Duty Ram Bollard
  • 1500mm total height; 152mm Ø diameter
  • 3.2mm wall thickness
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will never rust
  • 225 usd
  • Powder coated yellow – long lasting
  • Easy installation – set in concrete instantly
  • Heavy duty – ideal for the busiest of environments


  • Diameter: 152mm
  • Wall Thickness: 3.2mm
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • stainless Steel Bollard – Surface Mount


A stylish brushed stainless steel bollard ideal for commercial, residential properties.

stainless Steel Bollard
  •  900(H) x Ø 76 mm
  • High quality MARINE GRADE Stainless Steel Bollard
  • Available in 304 or 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Large stocks of 304 for immediate delivery
  • Surface Fix: 3 fixing points
  • Easy installation on site – bolt down quickly
  • Optional chemical mortar if required


  • Diameter: 76mm ø
  • Height above ground: 900mm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Material: Grade 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

    Street Stainless Steel Fold Down Bollard


The Street Stainless Steel Fold Down Bollard gives you a modern looking security post which also allows you to grant access to vehicles when needs be.

Street Stainless Steel Fold Down Bollard
  • 900(H) x 76mm Ø
  • High quality 304 grade stainless steel
  • Fold down easily – allow access at any time
  • Euro profile cylinder lock – unlock with ease
  • Includes 3 keys per bollard
  • Bolt down with ease – order fixings separately
  • Rubber stopper – reduces risk of damage when folding


The Street Stainless Steel Fold Down Bollard lets you gain access to closed off areas quickly and easily. The sturdy steel bollard stops vehicles entering areas at certain times, and is simply unlocked with a cylinder key and folded down when access is required. The hinged base lets you smoothly lower the parking post, allowing cars, vans and HGV’s to drive over the post. It’s perfect for:

  • Shopping Centres
  • City and town centres
  • Private use

The fold down posts is also ideal for home use. It’s simple to install with 4 pre-drilled holes making it easy to bolt down (fixings required but not included). The key-hole is at the top of the post making it simple to unlock, and there is no need to bend over to unlock it like similar fold down posts. The Stainless Steel design can stand up to the harsh Irish weather conditions, withstanding rain and snow. It’s one of our toughest street bollards, and is an excellent deterrent against ram-raids and other criminal activity.

Product Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 76mm ø
  • Height above ground: 900mm
  • Fixings: 4 bolts with rawl plugs
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • 3 keys included

Colour Choice Fold Down Bollard

The Colour Choice Fold Down Post lets you choose from 34 colours to secure access to areas, allowing you to temporarily allow access by folding them down to the ground.

Colour Choice Fold Down Bollard
  • Height: 900mm
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Galvanised finish with powder coating
  • Euro profile cylinder lock
  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Order fixing kit for easy self install

Product Specifications:

    • Base Plate: 100 x 150mm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Diameter: 60mm
    • Steel Thickness: 2.5mmJunior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes(Product Code: P-752448)Delivery 7-10 days from order

The Autobahn Junior Barrier Post

The Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes is an ideal solution for demarcating areas with low traffic. These barrier posts are suitable for use in a number of type of areas, such as forecourts.

Autobahn Junior Barrier Post with Chain Eyes
  • Made from hot dip galvanised steel
  • Powder coated
  • Highly visible white colour with a red reflective band
  • Rubber cap at the top
  • Fitted with chain eyes
  • Can be bolted directly into the ground
  • Inserted into the ground using the ground spike version
  • Can be used to cordon off particular areas
  • Highly visible to pedestrians usd 32

Domed Stainless Steel Bollard

High quality stainless steel bollard, provides a professional looking bollard that is perfect outside a business premises or in a public area

Domed Stainless Steel Bollard
  • 1200(H) x 76 Ø mm
  • Grade 316 Stainless Steel – highly durable
  • Concrete into ground – easy installation
  • Stylish domed top with half-sphere – superb design
  • FAST delivery from stock


The Stainless Steel Bollard – Sub-Surface can be quickly and easily installed directly into concrete where needed, providing an excellent, highly professional finish to a business premises, school grounds, hospital entrance and many more.The high 316 grade stainless steel provides an immaculate finish and the surface is sleek and comes with an almost mirror-like sheen.
Each bollard is 1200mm tall and will require to be concreted in approximately 300-400mm underneath the surface. Once installed it will remain in place for a long time, providing excellent benefits for years to come.The rounded dome top of the bollard ensures there are no edges and adds to the overall professional looking finish of the bollard. Made in a top German manufacturing facility these bollards are made from the best grade in 316 stainless steel and are resistant to corrosion and rusting over time.
For more information on our bollard range please call us for more information.

Product specifications:

  • Height – 1200mm
  • Diameter – 76mm
  • Material – 316 Stainless Steel

Street Stainless Steel Removable Post

This super stylish Street Stainless Steel Removable Bollard gives you a sturdy barrier post which can also be conveniently removed, allowing traffic to pass through if needs be.

Street Stainless Steel Removable Post
  • 900(H) x 76mm Ø
  • 304 Stainless Steel – professional finish
  • Removable for occasional access
  • Easy to use euro profile cylinder key
  • Comes with 3 keys per bollard
  • Includes ground socket – easy installation


The Street Stainless Steel Removable Bollard gives you a smart looking and convenient post which is ideal for a retail area. The modern design gives an elegant look, while the post is easily removed with a triangular key. This allows vans and trucks to get to delivery points easily and can be blocked off while the depot is closed.
The smart looking removable post can also be used with the Street Fixed Post, allowing you to close off areas and use the removable post for access at certain points. The removable bollard comes with an integral euro profile cylinder lock for quick and easy removal of the bollard when required.

  • Simple way to allow pedestrians into areas at any time but restrict the entry of cars
  • Should be concreted 400mm into the ground to keep the street post flush with the ground.
  • Simple to remove and insert, allowing you to quickly allow vehicles into areas
  • 900mm height means drivers will see the post as they approach, minimising the risk of damage
  •  Classic design makes it suitable for offices, hotels of city streets

    When you order the Street Stainless Steel Removable Bollard you will 3 keys to remove the post.

  •  Diameter: 76mm ø
  • Height above ground: 900mm
  • Depth below ground: 400mm
  • Weight: 10kg

Material: Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Flexbrite Ground Spike

The Flexbrite Ground Spike is an excellent addition to our Flexbrite Flexible Bollard range and can help to provide extra stability to the bollards when concreted into an area

Flexbrite Ground Spike
  • 300(h) x 30(w)mm
  • Base plate: 250mm diameter
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – won’t rust
  • For concreting into the ground
  • Flexbrites install onto surface plate
  • Extra durability for Flexbrite bollards
  • Ideal for permanent installations


The Flexbrite Ground Spike is an excellent addition to the Flexbrite Flexible Bollards range and provides an excellent method of reinforcing the bollards when installation is being done. The main point on the ground spike should be inserted under the ground, whether on a grass verge, concrete or tarmac type area.Once in the ground the ground spike can be concreted into place, leaving the surface plate flush with the ground so that the bollard can be installed here. Using our regular flexbrite 110mm coach screws and rawlplugs you can then fasten the bollard into place easily, providing instant benefits for the area.These steel ground spikes are suitable for use with any of our 1 metre Flexbrite bollards and our 750mm high bollard. The spike is made from tough hot-dip galvanised steel and will provide excellent service for a long time, having excellent protection against rusting and corrosion while in use.
Try our Flexbrite Ground Spike today and ensure your Flexbrite flexible posts stay in place today.

Black Bull Impact Recovery Steel Protection Guard

These Black Bull Impact Recovery Steel Protection Guard are equipped with a polyurethane pad for extra re-enforcement.

Black Bull Impact Recovery Steel Protection Guard
  • High Quality German made – long lasting
  • 76mm tube diameter on all sizes
  • Polyurethane pad elements flex and absorb impact
  • Reduces damage to impacting vehicle/equipment
  • Protects nearby assets
  • UV resistant
  • Minimizes start-up and repair damage
  •  Round steel tube 76 mm in diameter, 3 mm wall thickness
  • Available as plastic coated for indoor use or hot-dip galvanized and plastic coated for use outdoors


A unique and patented development of our standard BLACK BULL Protection Guards that features the strength and protective attributes of steel combined with the ability to fl ex up to 10° from the vertical, reducing the incidence of damage and the need for repairs to both guard and vehicle. This is achieved by equipping the guard with fl exible shock absorbing polyurethane (PU) pads. These pads are UV, weather and temperature resistant, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Flexible and yielding guard
  • Flexes up to 10° from vertical
  • Minimises damage to vehicles
  • Reduces damage to floor


  • Width 375 / 750 / 1000 / 2000mm
  •  Height: 390 / 640 / 1240mm
  • Diameter 76 mm
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm


  •  Indoor use: Powder coated yellow with black bands.
  • Outdoor use: Hot Dip Galvanised and powder coated yellow with black bands.

Maximum inclination limits

  • Height Inclination
  • 390mm 55mm
  • 640mm 95mm
  • 1.240mm 190mm

Defender Drop Down Post

The DEFENDER is securely locked in position by means of a ‘U’ shaped locking pin, secured by a padlock (not supplied). Please ensure padlock shank does not exceed 5mm Ø.


Defender Drop Down Post
The Defender Drop Down Parking Post offers a robust and highly visible form of deterrence, ideal for use in car parks and parking bays.

  • Offers an effective way to deter traffic
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Hot Dip galvanised for long life
  • Can be locked with padlock (not supplied)
  • Comes in 3 finishes: zinc grey, red/white and black/yellow
  • Size: 1000 mm (h), 60 mm x 60 mm (d), when lowered 115 mm (h)

The Defender Drop Down post can be secured into position via a ‘U’ shaped locking pin, and secured by a padlock. Ideal for use in car parks, parking bays and in driveways the barrier offers a convenient way to deter traffic, and drops down easily when required. The post is available in both Surface and Sub Surface versions. Optional extras include red reflective bands and Chain Eyes.

  • round Anchor for Fixed PostsThe Ground Anchor For Fixed Posts provides an excellent reinforcement for bollards and can be easily installed on site
  • 420(H) x 60 Ø mm
  • 400mm above ground
  • Base plate – 100 x 150mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel – will not rust
  • Includes mounting fixings – easy installation
  • Ideal for areas with tarmac or other surface types
  • Suitable to use with many of our Autobahn bollards


The Ground Anchor for Fixed Posts can be installed into the ground quickly and easily and provide an excellent means of applying added stability to fixed posts as well as allowing you to install the bollards in places with surfaces other than concrete – tarmac being a prime example.Each ground anchor is made from high quality hot-dip galvanised steel and will remain rust-free for life while in use. When installed the anchor plate will sit on the surface while the main pole section of the anchor will be approximately 400mm under the ground. Once installed the bollard can be tightened into place on the anchor plate using the included screws.The anchor provides an excellent means for installing bollards into different surface types while providing great stability for bollards once they are installed.

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under euro group of company, it is an established fabrication company that manufactures a broad range of products and offers a complete services from design through to completion The company based in Umm Al Quwain, UAE and has been established since 2009, Moving premises to accommodate growth, and has acquired an excellent customer base .With continuous Investment in machinery and training, we proceed to become more efficient in order to meet our customers’ requirements.